Saturday, 24 August 2013


Firefighters are Super Heroes in our community and on Tuesday they came to visit our school. In the class Tim talked to us about Fire safety and how important it is to have a fire alarm and know your street address in case of an emergency. We were so excited that the Firefighters visited us and thank them for coming to talk to us about being amazing Super Heroes in our community.

We just arrived outside to learn about equipment and what firefighters wear and they were called out to a motor vehicle accident. Firefighters fight fires but they also go to car accidents, talk about fire safety in schools, help pets in danger and help with Civil Defence emergencies.

We are waiting to go inside the truck. Everyone that went in the truck thought that the floor felt squishy - I wonder why?

It was great fun having a turn at squirting the hose. We know that the hose can go up to 4 stories high and that they have two ladders on their truck.

Andy is trying hard to squirt the water from the hose.

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