Saturday, 24 August 2013

Groovy Gardeners

We have produced some amazing cauliflowers in our garden. On Friday we decided to pick one of our cauliflowers and we gave it to Sunni.  He helped put all of the great topsoil into our garden for our plants to grow. Sunni also helps keep our class and school clean and he has so many other jobs too! He even got B3 a new computer  cord so that we can now use the digital projector in our class. We think Sunni is a Superhero in our school community.

I wonder what vegetables and flowers B3 could plant in their garden? If you have any ideas please let us know.

Eddie is a super gardener in B3 He helped look after the seedlings before they were planted out into our garden.

Look at the massive roots on the cauliflower. Quentin is very strong to hold our super cauliflower.

A great smile Quentin! We are very proud of our gardening.

The cauliflower was massive and very heavy to hold. Lucy is trying hard to keep hold of the cauliflower! Luckily she has Gabriella to help her.

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