Monday, 2 September 2013

Inquiry Questions

We all had questions to ask the Police and about their role in the community. Luckily Alan was able to come to B3 and he very patiently answered all of our questions.

This is some of the information we learnt:

Police dogs have an amazing smell but they can't see in colour!
Police dogs are named in alphabetical order for that litter - we were lucky to have Flash and Gazza visit us.

Police have lots of different vehicles depending on what job the police officers have to do. We know they have Police cars,  Police boats, Police helicopters, Police Vans - you can't see out of the vans  and people can't see in.

The Police wear a uniform and have a badge so that you can identify them. Some Policemen are plain clothes and have to wear a suit and tie.

We had a look at the handcuffs and know that they can hurt. They are double locked and you need a key to unlock them. 

It is a very dangerous and exciting job. You have to work very hard and each day is different.

The Police are Real Super Heroes in our Community.

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  1. Wow,B3 you sure are learning a lot about super heroes in your community.
    When I am older i would love to be a super hero too.