Monday, 2 September 2013

Urban Search and Rescue

Today Matu Whaitari came to talk with us about his work at the Urban Search and Rescue.

It was very exciting and we learnt that Urban Search and Rescue help in different situations:

Storms, earthquakes, snowstorms, tornadoes, tsunami and lightning storms.

Some of the equipment they need - Lights, stretcher, vehicles and first aid kits

Whaitari has helped the people when they had floods in Queensland, Australia and he helped the people in Christchurch after the earthquake.

It is a dangerous and exciting job.  Most of the people are volunteers which means they give up their time to help.

Liam tried on the uniform, it is very important to wear the correct clothes for safety 

What are the similarities between the Police and Urban Search and Rescue uniform?

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  1. wow b3 I wish I was year 2 so I get to see cool stuff like that ^ :)