Thursday, 3 October 2013


Look at the special uniform that the Paramedics wear.

The special stretcher can go down low and then be raised to go into the ambulance.

The Wellington Free Ambulances all have a distinct colour and symbol?What does the symbol stand for?

Gabriella nad Emily are trying out the seats in the ambulance,

Liam, James and Max are in the back of the ambulance. Everyone had fun going in the back of the ambulance and then out the front door.

Look at all the gear inside the Ambulance. Andy is impressed!

Payton and Natalie are in front of where some of the special paramedics gear is kept.

Lucy and Holly are having a look at the stethoscope. I wonder why the would need to use the stethoscope?

Mevan is tucked up into the special carrier for patients. These carriers are used when the Paramedics have to get their patients from  tricky and steep places.

We had our final Super Hero visit from the Paramedics, and they came all the way from Wellington.
We had a chance to have a look in the ambulances and learn about the important work that they do. To be a Paramedic you have to train for three years. Paramedics love their job because it is exciting, you get to help people and they care for people in our community.

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